In the first of a three-part series, FitWater and RN visit Kent retailer Sandeep Bains to help him improve the merchandising of his water fixture

Sandeep Bains
Simply Fresh, Faversham

Retailer viewpoint

I’m pleased with the advice and changes from Lucozade. The new flow makes sense and the fixture looks good with FitWater, as well as the supporting PoS. It will stand out well on the shelf and, as long as it meets its purpose, I think shoppers will go for it. 

Ed Jones
Customer marketing controller, Lucozade

Industry viewpoint

With our recommended merchandising flow, we’ve seen sales uplifts of up to 24% in stores like Sandeep’s. By stocking launches like FitWater, Sandeep can tap into big trends in the category. Functional water is the fastest growing area in water, so it makes sense for retailers to get behind it. 

Did you know?

92% of customers are looking to reduce their sugar intake  

Sandeep’s challenges

We have a 1,800sq ft store, but our water fixture is small, as we give more space to fresh and chilled products

Fitwater’s advice

To make the most of Sandeep’s space, we suggest merchandising his fixture in this order: carbonates, colas, then stimulants, energy and sports drinks, functional drinks, water and finally, flavoured waters. This will make it clearer and easier for shoppers to make purchases. 

I have a wide range of customers, from school kids to gym-goers and builders, so my water range needs to appeal to everyone.

Fitwater’s advice

Water makes up 14% of sales in the soft drinks category, but it isn’t getting that much space in Sandeep’s fixture, so he isn’t catering for what different shoppers need. Because of the trend for functional water, we suggest double-facing new FitWater next to plain water brands.​​​​​​​