A focus on bestsellers could boost sales by up to 100% while making space for new growth areas in-store, retailers and symbol chiefs have said.

Alkesh Gadher, of Best-one in Isleworth, right, told RN he saw his crisp and snack sales increase by 100% after concentrating on bestsellers, larger take-home formats and making the category easier to shop and restock.

Premier retailer Jimmy Patel, meanwhile, saw a 50% uplift in store sales after delisting around 400 products.

Symbol bosses this week told RN how they are helping retailers get their core ranges right.

Tony Holmes, sales director at Bestway Wholesale, said Bestway and Batleys are significantly reducing the number of products stocked per category to make it easier for their retailers in depots and in-store. They are introducing core range signage across all depots to build on help available through their category advice website, and will continue to offer retail development seminars.

“Delisting slow sellers and getting rid of product clutter will allow retailers not only to give more prominence to brands that actually sell, but also free up space to introduce new growth areas in-store,” said Mr Holmes.

Meanwhile, Steve Fox, managing director at Booker retail, said maintaining sufficient space for bestsellers is key, while also keeping ranges “on trend”.

“Tinned vegetables are the most over-stocked products with some retailers having far too many varieties of peas and sweetcorn,” he said.

“Sauces such as ketchup also often have far too many varieties on display. Impulse soft drinks can also be an area which is over-stocked due to product launches.”

Tony Houlston, sales director at Simply Fresh, added it is important to ensure each stores’ core range is tailored to the needs of its customers.

Costcutter’s head of fresh and frozen Mike Owen, meanwhile, told RN the group is working with retailers to provide a “great quality” core range which includes fresh, food to go and simple meal solutions.