In this week's article, Steve Denham shares his guide for fixing your location on Google Maps using the Drag Method.

If the location marker is in the wrong place for your store you can edit this by dragging it to correct position.

google maps series

Step One

After you have found your store on Google Maps, right click on Suggest an edit.

google maps series

You can easily change from Maps to Earth view by left clicking on the button, located at the bottom left of the Google Maps window. The Earth view makes it easier to be precise about the location of your premises.

google maps series

Step Two

Place a tick in the small box on the Location – Marker is placed incorrectly on the map line. Do this by placing the cursor over the box and left click.

fixing a location marker on google maps

Step Three

You will now be able to drag the marker to the correct position. This is done by placing your cursor over the red marker, left click and hold the mouse button down. This captures the marker and allows you to move it to the right position on the map. Once you are happy with its new position release the left button.

google maps fixing a location marker

Step Four

When you have finished this edit left click on the blue submit button.

google maps fixing a location marker

Step Five

You will then see a 'thank you' message from Google.

google maps fixing a location marker

Step Six

Connolly Spar, Pennings Road, Tidworth is now showing in its correct location. All Additions and edits to Google Maps are moderated. This alteration took two days to appear on the map.

Step Seven

The incorrect location will need to be deleted once the correct one has been added.

google maps fixing a location marker

Step Eight

The significant difference between the two methods is that if you drag the marker to the correct position the Street View image remains from the position.

We thank Susan Connolly and Julian Taylor-Green for allowing to use their stores as our example locations with our How to Engage with Google Maps series.