With Chinese New Year just over two weeks away, sauce brand Lee Kum Kee has given five top tips to help convenience retailers drive sales.

Stock the right ingredients

As well as the essentials, such as chicken, fish, tofu and noodles, retailers should also offer essential cooking sauces like soy and oyster sauces. 

Tell your customers the story

Many food items are associated with wisdom or have a symbolic meaning. Eating a whole chicken with family members symbolises a united front, tofu is associated with happiness and noodles means good health. You should use PoS to tell these stories. 

Inspire with recipes

Retailers should engage customers with recipe ideas and offer cooking tips to help educate shoppers. 

Offer authentic products

With international travel and social media now bringing consumers closer to the real thing, retailers need to ensure that they offer authentic products. 

Get the timing right

Chinese New Year is more than just one day – and retailers should be prepared for a month of celebrations. Festivities normally begin two weeks before and can continue for up to two weeks afterwards.