If you have a front window to your store use it as a window and not as the back wall of a storage cupboard.

The photo of a shop I saw recently, shows what you see from the outside of the shop looking in. There is no appeal to people walking past the front window of the newsagency in the photo, none whatsoever. This window is a missed opportunity.

There are two things wrong with this newsagency window: the products in the window are not placed to appeal to the passer-by and you can’t see into the business. It’s a window – you ought to be able to see through it to something enticing.

The use of this window is a fail on two counts, a missed opportunity for this business.

Landlords consider windows a feature. They factor having a window into the price they set for the space. In this case, the retailer could be paying a premium for storage space that is more likely to turn people off than entice them into the shop for a browse.

The best way to leverage the value of a window is to take everything off it – all magazine posters (you should never put magazine posters on your windows) and stickers as well as any products placed inside the window. Clean it and take a look inside. If you like what you see, terrific. If not, make sure what people see through your window is ideal.  Once it is, you can then figure out how to use the window itself, if you want to.

A good front window and what you can see through it could be the most important marketing you have for your business. It is important to get it right, to ensure it is relevant and to keep it fresh.

This is basic retail advice. Getting your window right could boost traffic and sales with little capital investment and who doesn’t want that?