Located near Northumbria and Newcastle University, over half of Khuram Pervez’s total sales come from students.

Khuram-shopperFor the Family Shopper retailer, Freshers Week provides an opportunity to build a relationship with students that will last for the duration of their course.

We caught up with him to get his top tips on how to get it right.

How much time do you allocate to Freshers Week operations?

Four weeks – two weeks before to one after Freshers Week. It saves us from last-minute stress and helps us cater to the students who often come earlier than Freshers’ Week to settle in.

Where do you advertise during Freshers Week?

We advertise our promotions in the free student newspaper and on leaflets that are distributed throughout dormitories and student houses.

What are you trying out during Freshers Week for the first time this year?

With the help of Booker, we will be offering vouchers that give students £1 off every £5 spent, which will be circulated with leaflets and flyers, as well as being highlighted in the newspaper ads.

What is the key category you run promotions in?

Alcohol. There’s no denying it plays a big part in Freshers Week, so we focus promotions on beer multipacks, as well as a few spirits to encourage students to think of the store as great value for money, and keep them coming back throughout the rest of the year.

Do you give out any freebies to students during Freshers Week?

Yes, we make up goody bags filled with sweets and energy drinks that staff give out to students.

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