No matter how cynical you are about Valentine’s Day, it is very likely that you will have dozens of panicked customers running into your store today looking for a last minute gift.

Left to their own devices, they will be highly unimaginative, so RN has created you a Valentine’s Day action plan. It means you are going to have to do the thinking for them, but there are lots of potential sales, and opportunities for your customers to impress their loved ones, right under your nose.

Suresh Patel suggests calling a local florist to set up an impromptu link deal on flowers, wine and cards and drive traffic to one another’s stores.

Dean Holborn, meanwhile, uses roses and premium chocolates to remind customers who may have forgotten and encourage them to trade up to premium lines.

Sue Young makes a display out of fancy cheeses and wines for customers to create their own themed night.

If you have some old wicker baskets and ribbon lying around(or a pound shop nearby) how about making luxury hampers with wine, chocolates and bubble bath to encourage shoppers to trade up?

Even better, if you have a favourite recipe that could be made using ingredients from your shop, package them up, along with your secret recipe, for an instant meal idea. Throw in some cheese, bubbly and dessert for a bumper basket spend.

Convenience retailing is a pennies business. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to show off your specialist ranges, upsell to customers and win their business for life.