The plant season has well and truly started now so we’ve had a big supply of plants come in, as well as compost.

[pull_quote_right]Good Friday was absolutely useless because of our newspaper deliveries[/pull_quote_right]

If the weather picks up it will go even better but it’s nice and steady at the moment. We are doing vegetables and bedding plants as well. Funnily enough, I have also ordered in some coal because people are still buying it at the moment.

Since my last column we’ve had Easter, which was a real mixed bag. Good Friday was absolutely useless because of our newspaper deliveries. Hot-cross-buns

I got up early for the delivery but Smiths News only brought me one copy of the Guardian, one Telegraph, three Times, one Mirror, two Stars and six copies of The Express. 

They brought plenty of copies of The Sun and the Mail, but what am I supposed to do with one copy of the Telegraph, which is one of our most popular titles? 

Customers get angry and don’t believe me when I say I don’t have control over how many copies arrive.

On the plus side we sold a lot of hot cross buns. Customers place orders and I deliver the buns on Good Friday. They’re baked by a baker and we sell them at £1.60 for four. It’s much dearer than in a supermarket but the quality is higher and they’re actually still warm when I drop them off. 

I usually have a couple myself before I start.