Eight way to grow frozen sales in 2021

Comparing frozen food prices

Our frozen food price comparison tools below will help ensure you make the most of this growing category.

This week’s data shows how competitive the frozen category is, with nine out of 12 lines charged at the most-common price. What’s clear, though, is that sweet and savoury lines are largely divergent.

Take Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles Ice Lollies. Retailers and suppliers alike have often reported price isn’t a factor when buying indulgent treats, and stores are capitalising on this mission, with 61% charging up to £1.60 on the ice lolly – a 60p increase on the most-common price of £1.

The exception is Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Vanilla Ice Cream, where 80% are charging the most-common price of £4.25, probably due to accessibility.

Pricing is more competitive for savoury lines as retailers seek to offer value, with 92% selling Birds Eye Potato Waffles and Dr Oetker Ristorante Mozzarella Pizza at their most-common prices of £1.99 and £3.29, respectively.

Frozen food profit checker

Birds Eye Two Southern Fried Chicken in Breadcrumbs 180g Price distribution % 

Must-stock frozen food products

Product NameLowest PriceMost Common PriceHighest Price
Birds Eye Two Southern Fried Chicken in Breadcrumbs 180g£1.99£2.50£3.50
Mccain Home Chips Straight 750g£1.99£2.50£2.99
Snickers Ice Cream Bar 72.5ml99p£1.50£1.99
Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Vanilla Ice Cream 465ml£2£4.25£5.99
Dr Oetker Ristorante Mozzarella Pizza 335g£1.50£3.29£3.50
The Ice Co Party Ice Cubes 2.27kg£1.29£1.49£2
Cadbury Flake 99 Ice Cream Cone 125ml£1.50£1.80£2.16
Conditorei Coppenrath & Wiese Strawberry Cheesecake 485g£1.59£1.99£3.09
Birds Eye 10 the Original Potato Waffles 567g£1.42£1.99£2.49
Mr Freeze Raspberry Single Ice Pop10p20p40p
Mccain Crispy French Fries 750g£1.15£1.15£2.69
Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles Ice Lollies 65ml95p£1£1.60

Price distribution chart

Percentage of stores selling frozen food above, below and at the most common retail price:

Frozen is one category we’ve had a big increase in. People are watching the pennies and realising if they buy frozen, there’s little wastage. Our sales ratio is about 60:40 savoury to sweet, and it’s led by pizzas, ice creams and the nights-in offering. We sell frozen veg as well, which we can give away with Healthy Start vouchers, helping to drive repeat custom. People don’t always think a convenience store has a good frozen section, so we use social media and make people aware of deals we’ve got on frozen, helping us to drive sales.

My frozen section is a six-metre freezer, a chest freezer and a small ice cream freezer. All my sweet products are either in the chest freezer or ice cream freezer, and the rest is savoury in the six-metre freezer. My store caters to top-up shops, so I’ve got two metres of ready meals and pies, one metre for fish, then two metres for pizzas, and one for veg and potatoes. I try and cater for a few different markets. Ready meals have a lower RRP and show value, but I also have Birds Eye and offer a few different types of chips across French fries and oven chips.

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