With all the builders outside at the moment, I had been thinking of getting a burger van. But I looked into it and found it could cost me up to £3,000 for a usable vehicle. 

The one I went to see in Norwich last week just wasn’t up to scratch and I could see it giving me nothing but trouble.

So instead, I’ve decided to kit out part of the shop for hot food. Obviously there’s still a cost involved, but I can do this quite comfortably for £200-£300. This is imminent, and I’ll be selling things like pies, bacon rolls and burgers.

Things always change in summer as the school kids aren’t around and families are all on holiday. So sales of sweets, fresh bread and fruit and veg are down.

But we’ve had a mega summer in terms of drinks and ice creams, and the profit margins on these are quite high, so these sales have more than made up for any losses.

Thankfully we’ve had no more trouble with our post office work as the broadband is back up and running. And every customer we lent money to has paid us back. 

I’ve been on to the Post Office about this but I’ve had no compensation or apology. I also called the National Federation of Sub-Postmasters and was told to claim on my contents insurance. No way. 

Why should my premium go up? If the Post Office don’t get back to me on this, I won’t be renewing my contract with them – plain and simple.