Fans of collectables can be loyal, profitable and regular customers for your store.

This week Retail Newsagent finds out which collectable trends retailers need to cater to and how to ensure they get the most from this major opportunity.


fifa 365Football is a sector that Panini is continuing to invest strongly in, as highlighted by the five different trading cards and sticker collections currently available.

 Panini has the rights from the FA for all England-related collections and launched a new range, The England Adrenalyn XL Official Trading Card Collection, back in May after the success of its 2016 official sticker collection last year.

Nik Burnham group account manager at Panini-distributor Marketforce, says international tournaments have a dramatic effect on sales, pointing to the sales of FIFA 365 stickers on the back of the Euros in June and July.

This 365 collection has over 800 stickers and features teams from across the world.

Nik advises retailers to make the most of continued sales by holding onto key collections, such as these football stickers, after supermarkets and other retailers start to remove them.

“Supermarkets are getting more involved in collectables giving them extra exposure,” he says.

“Independents can take advantage of consumers that want to finish their albums as supermarkets oftende-list after eight weeks.”

Paw Patrol

paw patrolAs well as football, Panini invests strongly in collections based on popular children’s television shows. Increasingly these are being brought by parents as a reward.

 Hugely-popular Nickelodeon show Paw Patrol, featuring the adventures of a group of puppies, is the latest major kids franchise to gain a Panini-made sticker collection.

“A TV programme’s popularity has a strong influence on sales of collections such as Paw Patrol,” says Mr Burnham, adding: “parents are also recognising that stickers can be given as a healthy treat, as an allternative to sweets,”

The latest sticker collection includes 180 stickers of the seven dogs featured in the show, including 36 special stickers.

The collection’s starter packs are available for £2.99, with stickers packs at 50p.

Trolls – Hair We Go

trolls trading card game

To coincide with the new DreamWorks animated comedy Trolls, Topps is launching new sticker and trading cards collections this October.

Chris Rodman, vice president and group managing director at Topps, says he expects his company’s new Trolls range to do well as it is a brand that will resonate with children.

“It has a great narrative as well as positive and engaging characters that mean something to you – you want them in your life,” he says.

“At the same time it has the ability to build a large and loyal fan base.”

The sticker collection will include over 170 stickers including large, shiny and even fuzzy designs.

The trading card game will have ‘colour me in’ cards as well as ‘awesome colourful hair chalk’ in Trolls Trading Game Starter Packs.

There are a variety of cards to collect, from fun fuzzy cards and movie story cards to super shiny cards.

Starter packs for the stickers and trading cards will be priced at £2.99 and £4.99 respectively, with sticker packs available for 50p and cards for £1.



Wrestling is an area of the Topps portfolio that is continuing to be popular choice for collectable fans, with the company set to release its ninth collection this week.

This latest line is a WWE trading card collection – Slam Attax: Takeover – and will feature a wide range of WWE superstars.

It will also appeal to fans of all ages as the collection includes original WWE stars such as The Rock.

The range comes with promotional posters to highlight the range and help retailers to keep it visible to customers.

Topps’ Slam Attax: Takeover starter packs are £4.99, including a collector binder, A1 game guide and mat, two championship stands, one superstar mask and one pack of cards, including one limited edition card.

Individual pack are then available for £1 each.

And for retailers who have avid WWE fans among their customer base, the Takeover collection will extend to mini tins, including 39 cards, as well as one limited edition, for £5.99.