Make a statement with niche products

It isn’t just well-established brands that are boosting the levels of protein in their products, there’s a wealth of niche products that can give retailers a real point of difference using ingredients as varied as chia berries and coconut.

Don’t forget the fitness fanatics

Don't forget the original consumers of protein product that use protein products as part of an exercise regime. Try stocking products normally only available at the gym or online, like Yoga Uppal does at his Mount Nod store.

Upsell to make a meal

Protein products integrate well into a shoppers’ journey, and they’re well-suited to being matched up with others. Try selling them as part of a meal deal with other lunch-friendly products, such as a sandwich, bag of crisps and a chocolate bar.

Chilled products are essential

A good chiller has long been central to success with protein products. For convenience stores the product is likely to be an on-the-go purchase, especially in smaller 330ml formats, so keeping it in the fridge is essential.

Increase sales of other protein products

The fortunes of other protein-rich products can also experience a welcome lift in sales thanks to popularity of the latest protein-packed drinks and bars. Try stocking up on boiled eggs and ready-to-eat options such as nuts and chocolate.