Evening meals

Here are 13 ways you can make sure that your range of meals for tonight is fit for the future. For more advice from top convenience retailers, see our July 11 issue.

Getting started

1) Talk to your shoppers about what local suppliers they use and would like to see in your shop.
2) Merchandise simple meal ingredients together, like pasta next to sauces.
3) Make sure you are offering a range of premium options, as well as value lines.
4) Talk to your symbol group about what areas you need support with.
5) Stock alcoholic and premium soft drinks next to your evening meals to increase shopper spend.

Building reputation

1) Partner with local suppliers to offer shoppers something unique.
2) Promote your range of evening meals on social media in the afternoon to appeal to shoppers who have not yet planned their meal.
3) Stock meal options that cater for seasonal trends, like soup in the winter and barbecue in the summer.
4) Use cards on the shelf to suggest recipes and tell your shoppers about local suppliers.

Future proof

1) Identify a type of hot food cuisine that is missing in your area and introduce it in your shop.
2) Partner with a delivery service to bring your shop to your customers’ doorstep.
3) If space allows, add seating to allow your shoppers to eat in.
4) Hold sampling events with local suppliers to engage your shoppers.