The first stop for Budgens in its development of this store would be getting the presentation right. With Budgens’ reputation for strong chilled, local and food-for-now ranges, brand director Mike Baker sees the store catering for new shopper missions and trends in the future 

Priority 1

Improve store presentation 

The outside of the store needs a refresh, using brighter imagery and taking more space to communicate the value it offers with big, bold opening hours signposted on the fascia, too. Inside, we would merchandise categories in clear blocks, marking different grocery categories and making better use of the space around and behind the counter with products such as premium spirits. The team should create an event calendar and bring the store to life by adding theatre and seasonal PoS. 

Priority 2

Maximise sales from post office footfall 

We would recommend the store’s team think about how they can convert more post office footfall into purchases for other areas of the shop. They also need to create a more engaging ‘power aisle’ to the counter with impulse categories, including ‘on trend’ categories such as health snacking, protein, kids and American confectionery. The addition of floor stacks or dump bins of great
value promotions would also help, but getting the right balance between sales opportunities while not creating a maze is vital. 

Priority 3

Range by shopper mission and review profit return on space 

The store should think about creating a ‘meal for tonight’ offer and promoting it with ‘mix and match’ promotions. Both are great ways to satisfy customers’ needs and increase basket spend. We would recommend looking at the profit the store makes on each section. For example, is it getting the most out of the two bays of stationery or could it make more with other categories? 

Priority 4

Introduce hot food to go and coffee (and some locally-sourced ranges) 

These two categories are now an important part of a convenience store’s offer. Both are simple to get into, generate good profits and cater to new shopper missions that will bring in new customers. Food to go and coffee can be incorporated into meal deals for breakfast, lunch and even afternoon. By seeking out and showcasing great local produce, and working with producers to tell their stories, the store could strengthen its profile as a community store. These are great ways to add to the range in a store like this and offer something that a multiple retail store won’t have. 

Priority 5

Build a social media community 

The store should create a Facebook page and build a community of customers. Posts should be kept engaging, while comments and feedback should be responded to quickly and used to market the refreshed store. Retailers can search out and engage with other local social media communities, such as the local marina or college, then follow, like and increase their reach to those potential new customers.