With plain packaging and the removal of 10-packs from tobacco gantries, the changes that EUTPD II regulations will bring to e-cigarettes can be easy to overlook. Here RN gives you a two minute refresher on these new rules



The e-cig market is now worth £164m a year


The market has grown by 50% over the past two years


The top four brands account for 62% of retail sales


The number of people who had tried an e-cigarette almost doubled in two years, rising from 8.9% of the population in 2012 to 15.5% of the population by 2014


Independent, symbol, and convenience stores are key channels for e-cigarettes, holding almost a 50% share of overall sales

What’s happening when?

The EUTPD II regulations are being implemented in three phases

Phase 1 , 20 May 2016: Advertising and promotion restrictions implemented.

Phase 2, 20 November 2016: Production of non-compliant stock must cease.

Phase 3, 20 May 2017: Sale of non-compliant stock must cease.

What are the restrictions on advertising?

  •  E-cigarettes cannot be marketed in newspapers, magazines, on the radio, TV or internet.
  •  Retailers can still promote in-store, including window posters and display units.

What are the restrictions on the products?

  •  Liquid refill bottles limited to 10ml
  •  Cartridge & Clearomiser and disposable content limited to 2ml
  •  Nicotine levels restricted to 20mg/ml
  •  All new products require pre-notification to be submitted to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority.

What are the restrictions on packaging?

  •  Nicotine health warning must be included on two largest surfaces, covering at least 30% of each
  •  Batch number, nicotine and dose and ingredients list must be clearly displayed
  •  Packaging can’t claim any health benefits or show any healthy images such as fruit.