With the market about to see in a new era of tighter regulation, RN outlines five things you need to know about E-cigarette law.

KNOW YOUR DEADLINES: From 20 May 2017 all e-cigarettes and related products sold in the UK must be compliant with EUTPD II legislation.

KNOW THE RULES: From this date all products must be child-proof, tamper-proof, contain the right health warnings and labelling and be registered with the MHRA (the medicines and healthcare regulatory agency).

CHECK YOUR SUPPLIERS: Make sure the products you’re stocking meet the required standards the EUTPD II demands. Suppliers suggest not buying non-compliant stock past January of next year.

WORK WITH YOUR REPS: Major e-cigarette suppliers are investing in their sales teams to help retailers through this process.

BE POSITIVE: Manufacturers of major brands are confident the new regulations can be positive for the category, ensuring products meet high standards and only include high-quality ingredients.