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Comparing the prices of dairy drinks

Behind the numbers

Flavoured milk sales in convenience stores are worth £224m and have grown by 31% annually, compared to total category growth of 25%. The opportunity for retailers is apparent, but how are they pricing the category?

This week’s data shows some scope to review pricing to various extents across 10 of the 12 lines examined, most evidently with Galaxy Chocolate. Fifty-one per cent of retailers are pricing above the most-common price of £1.29 set by 45%, with some going as high as £1.85. Not far behind is Frijj Chocolate, which 50% are selling above its most-common price of £1, with some going as high as £2.63, a 163% increase.

The most inflexible line this week is Chocomel’s 250ml format, sold by 94% of retailers at its most-common price of £1.69, just 10p lower than the 1l format. Forty-one per cent of retailers are selling the 1l pack above the most-common price of £1.79, with some going as high as £2.99.

Dairy drinks price checker


Use the price-checker chart to see what the most common prices are for a key line in the category.

Retailer views on dairy drinks

“We’ve got a broad range of about two metres with Yazoo, Delamere, Mars, Snickers and Galaxy, and turnover on them is good. That section of the shop also incorporates chilled coffee drinks and some protein energy. We offer a few larger formats, but we stick with the smaller bottles, that’s where we achieve the majority of the sales from – it’s more of an on-the-go category. We haven’t stocked Chocomel, but maybe I’ll have a look to see how it compares to what we’ve got, because we’re always looking at new products.”

“We stock all of the Delamere, Yazoo, Chocomel, Nurishment and Mars ranges, so thinking about it, I’ve got quite a lot, which shows how popular the category is. We also used to stock a Booker own-label product called Funtime, but the margins were terrible. We mainly have on-the-go formats, but have got Mars in a take-home format, and we only stock the larger Yazoo format when it’s on offer at high margin because of space. We used to have Chocomel in a bigger size when it was more popular, but now we just have the small can.”

Dairy drinks price distribution

Use the price distribution table to see the range of prices being charged on 12 key lines:

Product nameLowest
FRijj Fudge Brownie 400ml75p£1£1.59
FRijj Chocolate 400ml75p£1£2.63
Dunns River Nurishment Vanilla 400g£1.19£1.50£1.92
Dunns River Nurishment Chocolate 400g£1.25£1.50£1.92
Dunns River Nurishment Strawberry 400g£1.19£1.50£1.92
Delamere Banana 500ml99p£1.19£1.59
Delamere Chocolate 500ml£1£1.19£1.59
Delamere Strawberry 500ml99p£1.19£1.59
Mars Galaxy Chocolate 350ml£1£1.29£1.85
Yazoo Chocolate 400ml£1£1.29£1.65
Chocomel Chocolate Can 250ml99p£1.69£2.25
Chocomel Carton 1l£1.69£1.79£2.99

Must-stock dairy drinks products

Use the must-stock products chart to see the percentage of retailers charging above, below and at the most-common price:

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