Cider price comparison

Comparing cider prices: Behind the numbers

Our cider price comparison tools below will help ensure you make the most of this refreshing category.

Nine out of 12 lines analysed are sold at the most common price by the majority of retailers, with little flexibility to charge above. For example, 85% are charging the most common price on Henry Westons Vintage, and 83% are doing the same for Crumpton Oaks.

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High ‘highest prices’ seen in the table are a result of minimum unit pricing in Scotland and Wales. For example, 13.56% of Symonds sales are between £4 and £6.99, which is about the same percentage as the sample size from Scotland and Wales. The low most common prices seen on four-packs, such as £1.49 for Strongbow, is a result of retailers splitting multipacks to sell them individually.

Opportunities for higher profits still lie in flavoured cider, as shown by Kopparberg being frequently sold above the most common price.

Cider price comparison

Cider price distribution

Percentage of stores selling cider products above, below and at the most common retail price:

Must-stock ciders

Top cider products

Harj Gill

  • Strongbow Original four-packs
  • Thatchers Gold (all varieties)
  • Kopparberg (all varieties)

Store: Select & Save The Windmill
Location: Birmingham
Size: 2,600sq ft
Type: Residential

Despite the current climate, I expect cider sales to remain high. Single formats are stocked in the chiller, and we have a 2.5-metre bay for multipacks.

Availability has been an issue for us, and we are having to travel to up to six wholesalers to source certain cider lines. As a result, we have removed all promotions on cider, and customers haven’t questioned why we’ve stopped them. Shoppers are choosing multipacks over singles to avoid going out as much as possible – they will buy them once or twice a week to fill up the cupboards.

Top cider products

Vince Malone

Vince Malone

  • Thatchers Gold 10-pack
  • Strongbow Cloudy Apple four-pack
  • Woodpecker Cider cans four-pack

Store: Tenby Stores & Post Office
Location: Tenby, Pembrokeshire
Size: 950sq ft
Type: Village

Cider sales are beginning to increase, but I expect this year to be different. Before, shoppers would buy single cider for immediate consumption, but now they are having to plan their shops. We have had a lot more requests for multipacks so shoppers can fill their cupboards for longer. We tend not to run promotions because we’ve had some issues on availability, and we don’t know what will be available week on week, but we focus on communicating with our customers and trying to source the stock they’ve requested.

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