Here are 13 ways you can make sure that your range of meals for tonight is fit for the future. For more advice from top convenience retailers, see our July 25 issue.

Getting started

1) Check out the competition and work out if there are any local suppliers you can partner with.
2) Start with the basics. Stock 20 core lines to get customers used to the stock.
3) Think of several basic meals and make sure you are stocking the ingredients from them.
4) Have a plan for your waste. This can be giving it away or using it in your food to go before it passes its sell-by date.
5) Speak to your wholesaler to find out how quickly they can deliver you.

Building reputation

1) Talk to your shoppers to find out what styles of cooking they are interested in.
2) Try stocking both loose and packaged fruit and veg to find out what your shoppers prefer.
3) Post pictures of your displays on social media to show off what shoppers can buy from you.
4) Sample local products in your shop to strengthen ties with suppliers.
5) Stock ready meals as well as different ingredients to appeal to a wide range of shoppers.

Future proof

1) Build your supply network so that you have shorter ordering times, ensuring products are fresh for longer
2) Run a healthy eating day in your shop with local schools
3) Use your food waste to increase either your sales or your reputation within the community