Here are 13 ways you can make more from local produce. For a step-by-step guide from a top convenience retailer, see our August 22 issue.

Getting started

1) Scout around your local area and search online to find local suppliers that you would like to work with.
2) Talk to your customers to find out what local businesses already have a good reputation.
3) Visit local markets in your area to discover new products.
4) Arrange meetings with them and find out if they are able to provide retail versions of their products.
5) Pay attention to food trends and stock local products that tap into them.

Building reputation

1) Build your range of local produce so that you have a local offer within as many food and drink categories as possible.
2) Highlight your local products with PoS, such as shelf cards to help them stand out.
3) Invite local suppliers to sample their products in your shop.
4) Create a table at the front of your shop with your local produce so that shoppers do not miss them.
5) Add lines such as local drinks and food to go into your meal deals. This makes local produce as easy as possible to buy.

Future proof

1) Work with your suppliers to shape what new products they create next and keep your displays fresh.
2) Use your EPoS data to work out if you are charging the right price and stocking the best lines
3) Promote local suppliers on your social media and tell your shoppers about their story