Looking to make more money from speciality diets, such as vegan, gluten free and low sugar? Here are 12 tips to help you get started. For more advice, see Retail Express’ September 5th issue.

Getting started

1. Stock mainstream alternatives, like gluten-free bread, to find out if there is a demand from your shoppers.
2. Talk to specialist wholesalers, like Epicurium, Marigolds and Tree of Life, to find out if they can provide you with a core range of products.
3. Look at your current offer and find out if you are already stocking gluten-free.
4. Make sure shoppers can create several meals to match their diets from your range.
5. Keep an eye on trade press to learn about the latest trends.

Building reputation

1. Create a display of speciality foods and promote it with PoS so shoppers can buy from it easily.
2. Promote your range on social media to target younger shoppers.
3. Add posters to your window to tell shoppers about your new range.
4. Stock healthier and speciality food for babies to cater for the whole family.

Future Proof

1. Keep track of your sales with your EPoS data and rotate slow sellers.
2. Create videos and promote recipes of meals that can be made using specialise products in your store.
3. If you are near a university, work with them as younger shoppers tend to buy healthier products.