Just five days after opening, Aktar Muhammed’s store is already a hit with customers. But how can he secure their loyalty and increase his sales? The IAA’s Chris Rolfe and Sinso Retail Support paid him a visit to help out.

The factshouse
  • Name: Aktar Muhammed
  • Store: Premier Pricekracker
  • Location: Alyth, Dundee
  • Size: 1,400sq ft

IAA advice:

Aktar tells Sinso Retail Support directors Lee Singers and Bob Soulsby that the priorities for his shop are “products, prices, promotions and community.”

A core range of convenience products is in place and, to meet customers’ needs, this includes chilled two-litre soft drinks and an extensive range of magazines and greetings cards, which he plans to complement with stationery.

“It’s important to have the right range because we serve regular customers,” he says. With a few weeks sales history, Bob says Aktar can use his EPoS data to identify slow sellers to de-list, bestsellers to promote and aid stock control.

Aktar says: “I’d also like to look into products I’m not yet focusing on.”

Bob and Lee suggest he considers extending his food-to-go and having a bakery and meal deals, which will capture lunch trade and encourage impulse buys.

Aktar is keen that his customers recognise the value and availability his store offers. Price labels and promotions are being positioned and staff – all of whom served in the former Spar – have been trained to keep shelves fully stocked and faced up.

Bob suggests that placing price labels to the bottom left corner of each product will help staff know how many facings to put out and keep to Aktar’s planograms.

Lee wants to know what Aktar will do to bring in new business and maintain loyalty. “I’ll send out leaflets, target people in outlying areas where there are a lot of new builds and have an official opening day,” says Aktar.

Lee suggests Aktar uses social media and local press as well as leaflets to promote the store opening day. “Every like on your page helps to expand your network,” he says.

“You have a great advantage because you are prepared to engage with your community to drive footfall and maintain loyalty,” says Lee.

What we learnt:

lee singers sinso

“Aktar’s store is an excellent example of progressive retailing by forward thinking owners. By focusing on their objectives – products, prices, promotions and community, they will achieve success. A well merchandised shop with strong promotions has the ingredients to be an outstanding community store.”

Lee Singers, Director, Sinso Retail Support

bulbNainesh’s action plan:

  1. Use EPoS reporting to identify non-selling products and improve stock control

  2. Position price labels to the bottom left of products to improve merchandising and range analysis

pencilYour action plan: