In May, Hena Chandarana from Pladis visited Rishi Patel to discuss how he could improve his shop layout. Three months on, we found out how the advice has helped his business.

Rishi’s Action Plan

1. Order fridges to be able to move drinks to the front of the shop

2. Move seasonal lines to a more prominent position to drive impulse purchases

3. Use personalised signage to guide customers on their journey around the shop

The Results

We’ve had people in to take measurements so we can move categories around and bring our soft drinks offer to the front. As our space is limited, we’re working with a company to install slimline fridges. Once this is done we’ll have space to install a seasonal display in an eye-catching location.

We’ve also added several more ‘Sue says’ signs around the shop, highlighting tips from our shop manager. Customers took notice immediately and we’ve had about a 5% increase in linked product sales.

Visit our Independent Achievers page to find out more about Rishi’s visit from the IAA, to develop your own action plan and see similar results in your store.