In April, NFRN’s Margaret McCloskey visited Raymond Farrell in Northern Ireland to discuss theft, cigarettes, and underage sales. Three months on we take a look at his progress.

Raymond's Plan

1. Eliminate underage sales by replacing signage and keeping and signing a refusal register daily.
2. Give staff regular refresher training on underage sales and keep a signed record of what you’ve done.
3. Put up the health and safety law poster and start using an accident book.

The Results

Ray"I’ve made sure to keep staff on their toes since the visit. The first thing we actioned was putting up the “NO ID NO Sale Poster” that Margaret gave me. We’ve since had additional training, and talked specifically about preventing underage sales.

"I also began using an accident book immediately after the visit. I’ve spoken to my staff about it, & keep it filled in if there are any issues which arise. The visit with NFRN was very beneficial, she shared a lot of valuable advice about complying with regulations and trading standards."

Visit the Independent Achievers Academy page to find out more about Raymond’s visit, to develop your own action plan and see similar results in your shop.