In March, Hi! Street Digital managing partner Jonathan Daniels visited Tariq Majid’s Brookside Filling Station near Hungerford to advise on marketing. Three months on, what action has he taken?

Tariq’s Plan

1. Request new signage from Mace and place an advert on the shop’s front door

2. Seek expertise and set up a shop Facebook page

3. Research ways to introduce a loyalty scheme and begin implementing the best one

The Results

TariqI spoke to Mace about new signage but didn’t get the response I was looking for, so have decided to switch all six of my shops to Spar. I am just sorting out my contracts but they should all be with the new symbol group within two or three months. They have let me know they can help me set up a Facebook page and loyalty scheme. I am very excited for these changes and wouldn’t have thought about this without the shop visit.

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