In March, the IAA visited Hitesh Modi’s Shop in Chesham to help improve his range. Three months on, we ask how this advice has helped.

Hitesh’s Action Plan

1.     Add more “no added sugar” variants to offer consumer choice

2.     Identify new range opportunities including children’s toys and local products

3.     Conduct a customer survey to understand customer preferences

The Results

“Tina’s visit was incredibly useful. She suggested we broaden our chilled drinks range so on the back of this advice, we’ve introduced no-sugar and low-sugar drinks, including Coke Zero. These have been selling steadily since I added them.

I liked the idea of adding local products so we’ve decided to start selling craft beers. I’ve also met with suppliers to look into stocking cards with landscapes of the area, and we’ll be introducing more party products – like balloons and banners.”

Visit to find out more about Hitesh’s visit from the IAA, to develop your own action plan and see similar results in your store.