In May, JTI’s Kieran Marsh visited Vin Patel’s Wady & Brett in Charing, Ashford to help identify improvements to stock availability. Three months on, what action has Vin taken?

Vin’s Plan

1) Analyse EPoS data to predict when certain products will be in high demand and avoid going out of stock
2) Create an availability target and formalise processes to check out-of-stocks
3) Communicate with your symbol group about availability issues to find the best way to work together

The Results

“We are now checking our availability on a weekly basis and making sure we always know which products we are low on. We have set ourselves a target that we will never be out of stock of more than 15 products at a time. We are also using EPoS to work out the reasons why we are out of stock of product, and using the Londis website to plan ahead if they announce availability of a certain product is low.”

Visit the Independent Achievers Academy page to find out more about Vin’s visit, to develop your own action plan and see similar results in your shop.