Mark-Smith[1]Cornish retailer Mark Smith gets a lot of business from his 2 metre laundry section. One reason is that his shop – Smiphee’s – is at the bottom of a hill, whereas his competition sits at the top, giving him a competitive edge for his large elderly clientele. But this is not the only reason for his success. Here’s six smart tips from him to help you boost your own laundry sales.

  1. Liquids are very popular – so make sure you have a good range, including fabric conditioners, bio and non-bio options.
  2. Know your customers – We have a lot of elderly shoppers who tend to stick to what they know and typically go for large boxes of powder. My younger customers, on the other hand, will go for liquids and the all-in-one 75 wash multipacks.
  3. Design your laundry range to encourage emergency purchases – We have a Co-op and Tesco nearby, so it’s important to differentiate our offer with more convenient smaller formats. We wouldn’t get far by stocking 5lr cartons.
  4. Stock a pound range – We have pound ranges in other categories which work really well. Why not laundry?
  5. Offer cross-category promotions to boost incremental sales – We offer our customers five products for £5 across our laundry, cleaning and household products. We include bin bags, rubber gloves, cheap bleach, detergent and some sprays, for £5, for example.
  6. Put value lines next to premium and mainstream brands – Our Happy Shopper products sell really well alongside the big names.