mum-and-baby babycare

It happens to every parent: forgetting the baby bag and leaving it at home. RN asks mother of two, Hannah Wells, which six items she wants – and needs – to see in a convenience store.

wet wipesWet wipes

Absolutely essential – they cover up a multitude of spills


For kids that use them, losing them can seem like the end of the world

milkReady-mixed milk

So much more convenient than a big box of powdered milk

rice cakeHealthy snacks

To fill a gap between a meals, or just as a bribe. My kids’ favourites are rice cakes

nappyNappies and nappy bags

For obvious reasons, nappies are essential, but so are nappy bags to dispose of them hygienically

sunhatHead wear

Not much chance of this, but a hat on a hot day would be a god-send