David-W-1Premium-priced cigarettes and cigars sell fast in David Worsfold’s store, Farrants, in Surrey, and contribute significantly to his annual £230,000 tobacco turnover. RN asked him to share some of his sales tips.

  1. If you’re going to offer a premium range, you have to offer everything, knowing that some things won’t sell as well. I’m a Havanah specialist and stock Hunters & Frankau too. I also sell Montecristo Cuban cigars and Marlboro Bright Leaf and Gold touch, which are mainly smoked by 18-30-year-olds. But if something hasn’t sold at all for six months, I delist it.
  2. Stock new products when reps suggest them – 90% of the time they are footfall drivers and I’m a big believer in driving footfall.
  3. Build a good reputation for yourself – people who want to try new brands come to me to find them.
  4. Know your customers – 90% of grazers in my store shop according to price, the most volatile smokers are those who are price-conscious, while my regular smokers know what they want.
  5. Specialise – I stock additive-free American Spirit and Pueblo and Gawith Hoggarth. The volumes might not be huge but they turn over and no one else round here does this.


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