Summer is approaching fast providing retailers with an opportunity to sell a lot of ice cream. Ice cream is one of the most impulsive categories and can be hugely beneficial to retailers who get it right.

Retail Express spoke to Noel Clarke, brand building director for ice cream at Unilever, about how retailers can boost their ice cream sales throughout the summer and the whole year:

1. Let shoppers know you stock ice cream with outside and indoor PoS.

walls sign

As well as the traditional outdoor signage, advertising on covered tobacco displays also presents an interesting opportunity for retailers to tap into the impulsive nature of ice cream. “After the market went dark in Ireland we advertised on a gantry and had a 17% increase in sales on average from gantry advertising alone. If you’re selling £2,000 of ice cream a year that’s £340 extra,” says Clarke.

2. Make the freezer easy to find and keep it full and clean.

ice cream freezer

Positioning it near the door or by the counter ensures that shoppers are more likely to see that you sell it.

3. Stock the bestsellers, but leave space for new products.

walls freezer

New products make up 18-25% of ice cream sales and price-marked packs are particularly effective for ice cream too. Last year Cornetto trialled two variants in price-marked packs and attracted 70% more shoppers to the brand.

4. Stock ice cream all year round.


Twenty-five per cent of ice cream is sold in the winter.

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