As part of our series of Christmas features RN follows a panel of retailers around key categories of their store to get great tips on how to prepare for the festive period. As one of our retailers, Nimish Ashar – a newsagent retailer based in Rainham shopping centre – shares three extra tips to getting Christmas right.

1. Invest raffle money into more prizes

I use the money earned through the Christmas raffle to buy more prices for customers to win – which personally is more rewarding for me than if I gave it to a charity. Last year we started off by donating a remote-controlled helicopter worth £150, and we managed to sell 600-700 tickets. Once we covered the costs of the helicopter, I used all the money to buy more gifts for customers to win.

2. Recycle past displays

Every year the big retailers near us will throw out their Christmas PoS – some of it which is excellent quality, and I will pick them up and make my own display with what’s left over and my own PoS. Through this I’m able to create unique and professional displays through no extra cost.

3. Use your fascia to signpost your Christmas range

Soon after Halloween I’ll change my fascia to a Christmas themed one – normally featuring a Merry Christmas message to my customers – to let people know that I’m well prepared for the season.

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