With the weather warming up, it's time to take advantage of summer opportunities.

More and more shoppers are choosing to stay in and entertain at home, so how can you make the most of summer nights in?

1. Make alcohol unmissable

In the summer, chilled drinks are central to your success. You should make sure your main fixture gives shoppers a chance to trade up to premium, world and craft beers and ciders.

This is even more important with wine and pre-mixed drinks – 70% of the latter are consumed on the same day. Keep the fridge stocked and be especially vigilant over the weekend when sales are likely to peak.

2. Create a summer display

Make it easy for customers to find what they want when they are shopping for their night in. Encourage incremental sales by cross-merchandising the bestselling products from categories such as snacks, soft drinks and confectionery in one combined display.

Use a prominent position such as an aisle end as only 13% of shoppers visit all aisles. Take advantage of free PoS and increase facings of the bestselling products, displaying them at eye level.

3. Capitalise on impulse sales with attention grabbing PoS

Take advantage of any wait time at tills with impulse products such as sharing bags. Consider the use of clip-strips on the alcohol fixture to display products such as bottle openers or bags of crisps and nuts. Stock dips and crisps next to chilled drinks, if you can, and offer linked promotions.

Upsell opportunities can disrupt the flow of shoppers, slow them down and encourage them to spend more in your store.