You’re a hungry customer rushing home from work. Where do you grab ingredients for your dinner? Your local convenience store, of course. Suppliers have given us these 3 tips to help you meet their needs.

WEB-steakPut ready-made sauces next to complementary fresh items: Mondelez, for example introduced soft cheese brand Philadelphia to the ready-made sauce market with Simply Stir Creamy Peppercorn last April. The product enables busy consumers to create meals such as steaks with sauces in minutes, says trade communications manager Susan Nash.

IMG_6249Merchandise with ‘meal for tonight’ missions in mind:
    Time-pressed customers are less willing to browse, so it’s essential they can find everything they need together. “By displaying fresh pasta, a chilled tomato cooking sauce, a readymade salad bag and a bottle of wine, accompanied by a meal deal , the worry of deciding what to eat is taken                                                          away,” says Nisa’s business manager Nick Slater.

WEB-recipesPut recipes for quick-to-cook meals next to relevant ingredients: Nearly all major suppliers have put recipes on their websites to be used for their specific products. Printing these off and displaying them clearly can encourage customers to buy everything they need from your shop to make a meal.