In part three of our Christmas series, Alex Yau brings you the latest news from the UK’s big and small alcohol suppliers to help you choose a stand-out range

31. Gordon’s Pink Gin

Diageo is targeting a younger audience with its Premium Pink Distilled Gin range; backed by a £2.1m advertising campaign. As the name suggests, the 70cl drink (RRP £16.70) has been given its colour through a combination of raspberries, strawberries and redcurrants. 

32. Haig Club Clubman Whisky

Haig Clubman Whisky (RRP £25) has been designed to stand out on alcohol displays with the blue colour scheme on each bottle. The current range of products is the result of a partnership between Diageo and former England footballer David Beckham. 

33. Baileys Chocolate Luxe

As the name suggests, Baileys Chocolate Luxe combines the premium creamy spirit with chocolate sourced from Belgium. The brand is aiming to appeal to younger, more affluent customers with this latest addition to its range. The 500ml bottles have an RRP of £16.99. 

34. Tia Maria gift pack

Tia Maria is getting into the giving spirit this Christmas with a £15 gift pack. The circular tin comes with a bottle of the coffee liqueur along with chalk and a chalkboard to leave personalised drink orders or messages for friends and family. 

35. Captain Morgan White

Launched this year, Captain Morgan White is made from high quality ingredients sourced from the Caribbean to give it a creamy texture and a smooth, sweet taste. Diageo recommends mixing the spirit with cola or as an ingredient for mojitos. 

36. Absolut Lime

Pernod Ricard is targeting flavoured-spirit drinkers with the latest flavoured vodka in its range. It has an RRP of £18.75 and the company claims lime drinks have gained some strong traction with alcohol drinkers.  

37. Martell VS

Launched earlier this year, Martell’s VS cognac range has been given a new look to help it stand out on alcohol displays. Martell VS Single Distillery (RRP £27.19) is specially crafted from a single distillation source.

38. Old Samuel

Old Samuel bourbon is sporting a new black packaging for its Bourbon Reserve and four liqueurs: Honey, Cherry, Cinnamon and Almond flavours. The new, eye-catching packaging will also enable the award-winning bourbon to stand out on shelves.

39. Thatchers Katy Cider

The latest cider drink from Thatchers gets its name from the red apples it is made from. Brewed at the Myrtle Farm in Somerset, the drink, which has an alcoholic volume of 7.4%, has been designed for pairings with seafood.

40. Ciroc French Vanilla

Diageo’s premier Reserve department has announced the arrival of a new addition to its ultra-premium Cîroc vodka range, Cîroc French Vanilla. Inspired by the French style of making luxury vanilla ice-cream, the five-time distilled vodka has noticeably rich and creamy texture.

41. Old Mout Cider

Heineken is tapping into the premium cider category with the Old Mout range. Established in 1847, Old Mout originates from New Zealand and is available in several fruit flavours; including Kiwi & Lime and Strawberry & Pomegranate.

42. Black Tower

Black Tower has been a feature of many retailers’ ranges for decades but the German company hopes that the current trend for fruitier wines will see sales surge this Christmas. To support this Black Tower is running a “50th anniversary media campaign and has launched two new wines, Sauvignon Blanc and Fruity White.

43. Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon

Casillero del Diablo claims this is its most famous variety of wine, and includes aromas and flavours from cherries, plums and vanilla. The dinner wine has been designed to accompany red meats such as beef.

44. Trivento Reserve Malbec

The Argentinian red wine has been tailored to be drunk at dinner, with recommended dishes from Concha Y Toro being meals with meat and tomatoes. Each 75cl bottle has spent six months being aged in French oak barrels. 

45. Jacob’s Creek Le Petit Rose

Pernod Ricard is to launch its latest rosé wine into the Australian Jacob’s Creek brand in November. The drink is targeting the premium end of the rosé market with its £8 RRP and will be supported by both offline and online marketing campaigns..

Supplier advice

Guy Dodwell 
Off-trade director,

Ensuring a range of premium spirits are stocked over the festive period will inspire shoppers when they’re looking for the perfect gift. People will tend to trade up when they’re shopping for a Christmas treat.The biggest spikes in promotional activity tend to land in the final week of October and the final week of November, so it’s a good opportunity to strike in time for shoppers getting their last pay-cheques of the year.

Ben Smith 
Corporate communications manager
Concha Y Toro

Avoid the temptation to list too many different wines. Ensure you have red, white and sparkling options at the key price points, but where you have a popular wine or style, it’s more effective to have multiple facings of that wine than three or four competing options on shelf. Include some premium options; the festive season will see most people trading up quite substantially to make their occasions more special.

Shaun Heyes 
Convenience director
Treasury Wine Estates 

I recommend stream-lining your wine range to include only a selection of core whites and reds. Shoppers can become confused if they see too much of the same product and shops, more often than not, have eight of the same wines when having only three will do. Shoppers are more likely to spend at Christmas, so stock premium wines alongside more affordable ones to encourage your customers to trade

Sharon Palmer
Head of Trade Marketing
BU North, AB Inbev

Shoppers are looking for premium brands to heighten their drinking experiences at home – even more so at Christmas when shoppers are entertaining family and friends. Premium brands have authentic stories to tell, use high-quality ingredients and create an experience. Recently, we have seen a growing number of consumers opting for alcohol-free beer during drinking occasions; the category continues to grow in popularity, particularly among millennials, due in-part to consumers being more aware of their health and wellness.

James Middleton
Pernod Ricard
Impulse channel director

Promoting cocktails and mixed drinks in store, alongside a range of Premium Scotch whiskies, will unlock £2,500 opportunity per store. Three simple cocktails, which are easy for shoppers to recreate at home using ingredients readily available in store are The Espresso Martini, Jameson, Ginger & Lime and The Plymouth Pink G&T. Christmas is the perfect time of year to drive purchases of Scotch whisky, with sales increasing 68% in the eight weeks ahead of the big day.