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We asked Nina Trueman what makes Post Office a great franchise

The Post Office is one of the most recognised and respected brands on the high street and joining our network will immediately give a retailer the edge over competitors.   Offering exclusive, market-leading Post Office services like mails, banking and travel money will get new customers crossing the road to visit your store.  And once in store HIM! research shows 78% of people using the Post Office also did their shopping.

What does running a Post Office entail?

There are two options for running a Post Office.  A Local branch operates from a till next to the retail counter and offers a streamlined range of services so trained staff can easily serve all customers.  A branch in an urban area could attract 700 customers a week, or more.

For a Main branch the retail premises will need space for two or more open plan counters, open for core hours,  plus a small counter by the till which will be open when the shop is.  

At the moment there are some exciting opportunities to take on larger, busier Main Post Office branches which are currently directly managed by us. 

In some of these locations we serve several thousand customers a week, and that could be too big for a single franchisee.  One size doesn’t fit all, so our solution is to offer Post Office services from two or three retailers within the catchment area, and customers use the branch which is most convenient to them.

How does it work?

We enter into a working partnership with individual retailers; a dedicated team manages the process end to end.  

There is no franchise fee and Post Office provides equipment, signage and training for all staff; we have a team of experts who design and project manage the installation to suit the individual requirements.  When the branch is up and running we provide stock and cash, and ongoing support.

There is a fee payable per transaction for Post Office services, which can provide a significant income, depending on the branch.

Who would be suitable?

We work with some amazing business people, many of whom run several branches.  We want to find more successful, entrepreneurial retailers who are looking to diversify their offer - or establish a new business.  They need to be ambitious and able to maximize the benefits offered by the additional footfall running a Post Office will bring.

We want to work with people who can be ambassadors for the Post Office brand, who are dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

What next?

Click on the map to view the opportunities for large franchises. Contact for more information or to register your interest.

All opportunities are advertised on the Post Office website; and in places where there is no Post Office nearby, retailers can now apply to add one to their shop, visit:

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