Tesco pledges to improve product availability for Booker retailers

Tesco pledges to improve product availability for Booker retailers
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Tesco has pledged to increase product availability for Booker retailers amid a 15.1% increase in like-for-like sales in the wholesaler's second financial quarter. 

Speaking about the wholesaler's recent financials for the three months ending 25 August, Tesco CEO Dave Lewis said like-for-like sales in the first half of its financial year had grown annually by 14.7%.

Lewis attributed the growth to an increase in customers and expects the business to deliver up to £60m in cost savings for the group by the end of February.

Lewis' comments come as 30 Booker lines are now available across 70 Tesco stores, following the successful trial of the Chef Central catering brand in the supermarket's Bar Hill store in Cambridge.

When asked whether Booker retailers would see a similar rollout in their stores, Lewis said: "You should expect to see more use of the combined network to improve service in total and there are lots of ways we can see the two operations benefiting each other.

"I've met with both the Tesco and Booker teams and we are going to roll out more product availability. It's all so far, so good, and we're trying to find more ways in coming together to help Booker retailers."

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By Alex Yau Avatar
By Alex Yau 03 Oct, 2018


  • By Richard 08 Oct, 2018

    I feel the service has gone down hill since the take over. Very fast to put boiler lines in Tesco but the promises made by them I have not seen. Thinking of pulling out of Premier

  • By Marcus 08 Oct, 2018

    Don't you believe it. Our branch has cut lines and availability / dates / quality has been well below par. Tesco's view of Booker = Catering, not retail.

  • By David 05 Oct, 2018

    As an everyday booker shopper all I can say is that it might be a coincidence but availability in booker of everyday products has now become very poor are Tesco putting the squeeze on independent stores

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