Retailers across the UK can now update their till systems with Henderson Technology’s EDGEPoS software following a successful rollout in Northern Ireland.

The software was developed and launched in Northern Ireland in 2011. It is now available in over 450 stores across the country, and eight sites in the rest of the UK. There can be no upfront cost, as retailers pay for the system through a monthly lease. 

Developed by Henderson Technology, features of the system include the ability to alter product information across multiple stores from one computer. EDGEPoS also enables retailers to update digital shelf- edge labels with promotions.

Store owners can also get direct support from Henderson Technology’s head office, while the software supports self-service tills.

Kristine Moore, Henderson Technology’s retail technology channel manager, told RN 70% of the features had been developed using feedback from retailers. “EDGEPoS was a success during its initial rollout in Northern Ireland and we want to do a full rollout across the UK now,” she said.

“We did look at other EPoS systems, but decided to develop our own internally because other systems couldn’t facilitate our requests.”

In the UK, EDGEPoS has been used in White’s Spar in Derbyshire since November. According to store manager James Stead, the system has reduced the overall weekly workload in the store by a day.

Stead told RN: “We get a lot of passing trade and the self-service till we have has reduced the queuing time. It’s taking 10% of our sales.

“We also work with 35 local suppliers. We had been unable to scan their products into the system, and had to manually input them. Now the system enables us to scan them in without any issue.”

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