CJ's Spar Scotland

Spar Scotland, the largest symbol group in Scotland, continues to roll out its new food-to-go brand CJ’s in stores across the country.

Following the launch of the new brand last year, 65 of the 108 company-owned Spar stores now offer CJ’s in stores.

The programme includes a hot breakfast and lunch offer, as well as a range of rolls, cakes and hot savoury snacks supported by local bakers.

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Stephen Brown, head of food-to-go at Spar Scotland, said: “We are delighted to hit our target of installing CJ’s into 65 company stores by the end of April.

“This has been a team effort across all the company departments and we have exciting plans in place to complete the install into all 108 company stores by September this year.”

Spar Scotland is now looking to roll out the concept to independent Spar retailers around Scotland.

“It is important we work with our independent retailers to deliver an end-to-end, market-leading solution in the development of food-to-go, including product, process, training and legalities,” said Brown.

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Since the introduction of the CJ’s brand, over 6 million fresh morning rolls have been sold, with coffee sales up 138%. This has been driven by its breakfast link deal, which sees a breakfast roll sell for £1 with any coffee.

“We see food-to-go as one of the fastest growing categories within our stores and with this huge investment we are making, we are confident Spar in Scotland is leading the convenience sector,” concludes Brown.

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