Last October we joined the Spar symbol group and installed their SparPos scanning system. Three months of trading with the system has created a usable list of what is and what is not selling through our store. It costs us around £6 per metre of display racking every day so we need to ensure that we stock more products that do sell and give them enough space to maximise their potential. For this we need to identify and remove the slowest sellers.

We have provided Capper’s Retail Sale Controller with our sales history and he has been checking our range to see which lines should be put on the delete list. This work is part of the focusing exercise that will lead to a relay of our store. Most of the categories are in the right place and have the right amount of space, but as it is 4 years since we undertook any significant layout changes it is certainly time for this review.

The changes that Capper recommend will give more space for crisps & snacks, confectionery and groceries. Furthermore there will be a better use of alcohol promotional space with a repositioned Lotto playstation and a larger pick and mix offer. More significant will be the range review to ensure that we remove the shelf warmers and strengthen our better selling products with more facings and any extra line that we should be offering.

It will not be a big job as we know that our store is not far off being ‘right’ for our catchment area. As it is 4 years since the last change we do know that it is time that any available investment is made in our store to keep it operating for today’s customers needs.