SPAR Wellbank

Mariam and Samar Hayat, who have run their family business in Wellbank for numerous years, will join Spar Scotland and their network of over 300 outlets throughout the country.

The store spans 1200sq. ft, and is located at 2 Mattocks Road, Wellbank, Dundee.

Mariam and Samar said: “We are very much looking forward to opening this new store in the community of Wellbank and surrounding areas.

“We have run the local shop for 3 years but are so excited about the much wider range of products and services the brand new shop will offer, and the fantastic range and promotions from Spar.”

Their new store will feature Paypoint and Lotto as well as Food-to-Go alternatives such as F’Real milkshakes and Tango Ice Blast.

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Spar Wellbank is near CJ Lang & Son Ltd, Spar Scotland’s wholesaler, which has a warehouse and distribution centre in Dundee. Founded in 1919, the company now employs roughly 1,800 people with 300 outlets around the country. It also has an onsite distribution centre with a fleet of 55 vehicles.

Sales director for Spar Scotland, Mike Leonard said “We’re delighted to welcome Mariam and Samar, not only to Spar Scotland but also to the network of stores we have across the country.

“From our base in Dundee we offer a constantly expanding supply of over 9,000 products including local suppliers and Food-to-Go, working with over 300 suppliers and supplying Spar stores across the country.”

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