Nisa retailers have been reassured Co-op’s own-label range will generate sales following the success of a rebate scheme designed to encourage store owners to stock the multiple’s top sellers.

The incentive, which ends in November, offers a 10% rebate if Nisa retailers meet minimum delivery requirements for stocking 90% of Co-op’s 100 best-selling lines.

Onkar Sandhu, of Nisa Sandhu Stores in Tamworth, Staffordshire, told RN: “I’m still waiting to see how I performed, and there were a few products that seemed to be a bit hit and miss, but overall there was nothing too drastic in terms of products not selling well.”

Rav Garcha, who runs five Nisa stores in the Midlands, added: “We’ll have to review products store by store, but the products we have put on shelves are no longer there.”

Jack Matthews, of Nisa Bradley’s Supermarket in Quorn, Leicestershire, explained the products in the range were not difficult to sell. “It’s fairly achievable because the list includes popular products, such as lemonade and ready meals, and nothing particularly niche or specialised,” he said. “We have sold the products in good volumes.”

However, some other Nisa retailers chose not to participate in the scheme over concerns about meeting the minimum delivery requirements set by Co-op. 

Shandip Patel, of Nisa Krystals Express in Wimbledon, London, said: “I’m only stocking 15-to-20 Co-op products because that’s about as much as my store can accommodate.”

Another Nisa retailer added: “The rebate is no use if all these products go to waste. “We’ve been slowly introducing some products in, but the real test is whether these products sell well.”

A Nisa spokesperson said: “We’ve been very pleased with the rollout and take-up of the Co-op own brand by Nisa partners.  

“Nearly all Nisa Partners now offer the Co-op range, and it has been well received by their customers.”

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