Costcutter is giving retailers complete control of their PoS material, enabling them to make decisions on in-store promotions.

From January, retailers will be able to access PoS material through the current app, rather than being flooded with lots of often- wasted paper promotional material.

It means retailers will be able to choose which promotions they want to focus on in-store and will be able to design their own promotional material.

Asmat Saleem, of AHU Stores Costcutter in Fife, has welcomed the move. He said: “We can have around 300 promotions on at one time so it will be good to have more control over that.”

Mike Nicholls, a member of Costcutter’s board, said: “It’s good for retailers who are going to back it up.

“Retailers are always throwing PoS material away at the moment and that money could be better spent elsewhere.”

Additionally, interactive billboards, which provide pop-up notifications on shoppers’ smartphones, will be rolled out across the country following a trial which saw a sales uplift of 13% in York and Coventry stores.