Promotions available exclusively on Scottish wholesaler Filshill's app won over nearly half of all its retailers that had not previously used the app to place orders.

The offers convinced 45% of customers that had previously only ordered in other ways to embrace the technology.

The app also changed retailers' buying habits. Previously, most retailers tended to place orders on Tuesdays, but when retailers began using the app the ordering became more evenly spread throughout the week.

More than half of all those who bought sales items via the app had never bought those lines before.

"Retailers and foodservice customers are seeking on-the-go solutions that are easy to use, efficient and save time,” said app product director Martin Beatty.

Filshill’s app includes barcode scanning, click and collect and seamless order editing between the website and app.

Filshill retail sales director Craig Brown said: “Our mobile-friendly app opens up a whole new world of 24/7 ordering across our range of 5000-plus products.”