One Stop has announced an overhaul of its own label range which will provide its retailers with access to One Stop-branded Tesco products, offering greater choice for their customers and better margins.

Set to launch this month, the changes include a refreshed pack design and bigger pack sizes, a more competitive retail price and an expansion of its chilled and fresh products.

Retailers welcomed the news and told RN that the One Stop own label investment will help them maintain their competitive edge.

Aman Uppal, of One Stop Mount Nod in Coventry, said: “This is the biggest launch One Stop has ever had.

“It’s really exciting for us because we’re getting new products we’ve never had before. Pack size is increasing in some cases and so are our margins, but the cost to shoppers is staying the same or dropping.”

Mr Uppal added: “We have a good range but this is going to put us on the map and help us compete against the multiples. A strong own label helps establish a link between us and our customers.”

Booker retailers have pointed to the ability to tap in to Tesco’s range as a major benefit of the proposed merger.

Derbyshire One Stop retailer Dee Sedani is also excited about the news.

“They had fresh and chilled as part of the own label brand but it was very limited. We’re looking at an additional couple of hundred products and we need them.

“Symbol groups struggle on volume but by using Tesco products, we can hopefully offer better quality lines at more competitive prices.”

Tracey Clements, managing director for Tesco Convenience and chief executive of One Stop, said: “We have listened to all of the feedback over the past couple of years and have developed a range that everyone will love.

“Through investment in our own label range, we will offer better quality products at lower prices, bigger pack sizes and better value across a broader range than ever sold before, particularly in fresh meat and produce.”