Convenience store owners should tackle the challenge posed by Aldi and other discount supermarkets ‘head-on’

That’s the message from Andrew King, One Stop franchise director, who warned discount stores are becoming more convenient as it was announced that Aldi opening hours are to be extended to 10pm.

Mr King called on independents to fight their corner and look at the way they operate to take on this challenge.

“It’s a busy marketplace and retailers impacted by the discounters need to step back and think about what they can do better and differently,” he told Retail Newsagent.

“Convenience stores need to become even more convenient and meet – preferably exceed – the needs of their customers. Are they open at the right hours? If Aldi opening hours are until 10pm, could they open their store until 11pm?”

Meanwhile, One Stop has released a new social media guide to help retailers interact more with customers.

Galen Levi, head of commercial for One Stop, said: “Social media is a really powerful tool that can be used to drive footfall and sales in stores.”

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