Nisa High Heath2.jpgHarjit Singh, co-owner of H & Jodie’s Nisa Local in High Heath organised the litter pick following complaints about the issue at the first meeting of the local community group he set up – the High Heath Hub.

The retailer met with local schools, the council and Walsall Against Single Use Plastics (WASUP) to run the event which involved 30 volunteers, collecting 20 bags of litter from the area.

Several residents shared the action on Facebook, with one post receiving more than 3,000 likes, shares and comments. Local resident Lauryn Henden was one of the posters, she commented: “I wanted to show people how much Harjit does for the community. He is always doing something to benefit or bring joy to the local community and needs to be praised and noticed for what he does. We need more people like this in the world.”

Another posted an image of Harjit with WASAP head and leading paediatrician Professor Gatrad OBE.

Harjit’s son and co-owner Amrit Singh told RN: “My Dad spends most of his time doing community work, he’s dedicated to it, even cancelling his holiday to organise the litter picking and the further activities around it. It’s about being proud to live in High Heath, and making sure it’s a place other people can feel proud about living in.”

The store also organises community events, started a social enterprise community café,  supports youth provisions in the local area and even provides free road salt to residents in cold weather.

Asked how it changes how locals engage with the store, Amrit answered: “It has a huge impact on our store, even though it’s not the objective. Customers tell us that they shop here because of what we do for the area.”

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