Nisa Leicestershire Bistro Beer Pig on a fork

A new venture by Nisa Local Earl Shilton allows shoppers to enjoy a cold beer while they buy groceries.

The Leicestershire convenience store has installed draft beer in the bistro, located at the rear of the store.

Owner, Sukhi Dhami said that the introduction of draft beer has been a force in driving sales in addition to customer satisfaction.

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Sukhi said: “When we first launched, we designed the eating area as a coffee shop with a barista and offered cakes and light snacks.

“During the coronavirus pandemic, we closed it down and moved a hot unit into the store and served pastries and pizzas. They absolutely flew out and so we decided to expand by offering proper lunches in the bistro and it has just grown from there.”

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Bistro Pig on a fork Nisa Local Earl Shilton

The bistro, now known as the Pig on a Fork, has been rebranded with new bespoke signage and matching menus.

Sukhi said: “It’s a nice place for people to come and really looks the part. People are coming in and having a bite to eat with their kids after school.

“Now we have added the draft beers it means our shoppers can really treat themselves when they come in and with it all being under one roof it is a unique set-up.

“We think it is something a little bit different to offer. We know lots of the big supermarkets do coffee shops and cafes, but how many offer a nice meal and a drink of wine or a cold beer?

“It is driving extra sales and we are getting so much good feedback,” said Sukhi.

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