Bells Supermarket in Kidderminster has relocated and expanded in size following a surge in trade during the coronavirus pandemic.

The store has moved to larger premises on Dame Street and now provides more selling space and storage, as well as allowing the introduction of a variety of new products.

This includes an in-store vape shop as well as an expanded selection of gluten-free and vegetarian food options.

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Owner, Jordha, said: “I’ve been planning this store for a long time. It’s something we’ve always wanted to do and the time was right because of the extra customers and increase in sales.

“We have shoppers who were shopping with us before who are buying more from us now, as well as new customers coming in and buying from us. We have a much bigger range and some exciting offers that are bespoke to us and are really attracting shoppers.”

Sanghera added: “You’ve got to be innovative and think outside of the box. I like to think we can take the best bits of the multiples and then use our ideas and our freedom to do the next steps that make us special and help us to stand out. It’s a great position to be in.”

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