Nisa has urged retailers to “stock up” on key lines ‘as shoppers start to stockpile.’

In a message to stores send on 22 September and seen by RN, the symbol group urged: “Get ready – stock up on key household products and staples.” The firm listed 39 products it suggested that partnered stores order now.

Many of the second wave coronavirus stockpile lines appeared to be basics stock bought outside of Co-op’s usual supply chain during the earlier covid-19 lockdown when the market leading brands were unavailable. These include Biz Oz branded flour and baking mixes, Regina, Trebol, Limpa Bem and So Soft branded toilet roll lines, Corticella pastas, assorted tinned goods including baked beans, chopped tomatoes and chick peas and santising products including gels, sprays and wipes.

A statement from Nisa claimed the UK’s move back up to Covid alert level 4, and associated additional restrictions on movement would ‘potentially affect shopping behaviours.” Referencing ‘potential panic buying’ the wholesaler said it was “prepared for the worst” through measures including building stock levels held of ‘core lines severely impacted during early lockdown.’ 

Referencing continuing industry wide beer wine and spirit availability challenges, Nisa revealed that its allocation of the Budweiser brand had been increased but that Fosters, Strongbow, Red Stripe, John Smiths  and Stella ‘remain a challenge’. It said as well as high demand, Heineken were facing shortages of raw materials. Both CO2 and Aluminium supply issues have been reported in the last month.

Nisa advised its partnered stores to take similar action last year before the UK exited the European Union, announcing a list of grocery staples it predicted would be in demand.



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